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Serves in-person installations in all 50 US States.

Small Businesses Focused

Loves Software Development

Knows What Resellers Need

Perfects Sales Software.

Our Brand Identity


“To help small and medium-sized businesses function better.”

Metispro Brand Characteristics

We’re a team of early-adopters, unapologetic entrepreneurs, software developers, and problem solvers.

Partnership Sales Model

METISPRO, is a B2B Sales Platform Provider Built for Resellers. Our SaaS is designed to support Restaurants, Retail Stores, and Professional Service Providers.  Our approach to customer acquisition makes us unique in the Merchant Services Market. Our Partnership Sales Model helps distribute our service to more great merchants. Our detailed approach to customer onboarding takes the hard work out of the equation for our resellers. Our dynamic in-house software development, and white labeling capabilities are in available to select partnerships.

Metispro Meaning

Métis is French for a person of mixed ancestry. Our team is an amalgamation of our namesake—a mix of people, backgrounds, ideas, and disciplines. Meitspro is a menagerie of mixed-experienced professionals dedicated to a unique suite of state-of-the-art products. 

Why Partner with Us?

Our Platform is Built for Resellers 

Business is a team effort, the sum of two equal parts, and a never-ending conversation. Our partner’s ideas are invaluable and their confidence is our greatest asset.

24/7 Support

If you ever need help, we’ve got you covered. Just send our fantastic support team a text anytime, any day, and we’ll help you with any issues.

Quality and Performance

At Metispro, we like to be fast. So we created a system that performs as fast as possible. You won’t be let down with the quality and performance of our system.


In a world of online data, privacy is extremely important. That’s why we work with industry professionals to ensure your data is untouched by anyone except for you.



Our top of the line security ensures your data never leaves our servers unnoticed. We use industry standards along with end-to-end encryption to make sure your data is secure.

Seasoned Team

Our team was hand-picked to ensure that Metispro is the preeminent software team. It’s our goal to to provide the best experience for you and your business.


Free Updates

We’re here to help you. That’s why we give free updates to see to it that your business grows.

Why Partner With Metispro?

Because we deliver the most comprehensive and far-reaching solutions in the Food & Beverage, Retail, and Professional Services Industries.
Because we offer Professional In-House Software Development.
Because we work with you to ensure a smooth client onboarding.
Because we share our Product Marketing Materials with you to excite your clients.
Because we don’t lock you into contacts with payment processors.
Because we never charge merchants for software updates.
Because we’ve been small business owners ourselves.
Because we can white label our software.
Because we’re affordable to merchants.
Because we’re here to support your merchants not just today, but every day, forever.
Because when you succeed, we succeed.

Why Work With Metispro

Metispro is fresh, creative, and the best sales decision you’ve ever made.

Our Story

Our Story: Built by a Restaurant, Available to Small Businesses Everywhere
The founders of Metispro are not just software execs. They’re good-old-fashion down-to-earth small business owners. When Nikki and Vigyan “V” Kaushiks opened their first business together, it wasn’t coding on their mind … it was their famous Chicken Tikka Masala! Even two stores, a five-star check, and great reviews, they began to notice a problem.
“It seemed as if your options were an antique cash register or an overpriced cloud-based system,” said Nikki Kaushik. “There was no realistic middle option to keep everyday mom-and-pop shops competitive.” The restaurants were a success, but the software available was far less palatable. The Kaushiks saw an opportunity to solve their problem in the spiciest way possible, with custom-designed software.
Trained developers, the Kaushik’s were uniquely positioned to do something extraordinary. So in 2013, they did. After years of frustration using multiple applications and dealing with the overhead, they decided to build and designed a POS system for themselves. The Kaushiks created one of the first cloud-based POS systems with an integrated online ordering platform and built-in analytics. On their own, they toast-ed their square competition. “Restaurants and retail stores should be able to thrive without having to worry about paying for multiple applications,” said V.
Their simple display made their day-to-day operations smarter and simpler. In 2015, they decided that they were so satisfied with their new POS solution, so they closed Spice Kitchen and have been determined to help grow other small businesses ever since.
In 2021, the Quantic POS is just one of a line of mixed products at Metispro. The mission? To create software solutions that make running a small business easier. Metispro has grown to nearly 30 employees on two continents and is still expanding. As long as people need great business solutions, Metispro’s influence will undoubtedly continue to grow.

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