Quick Charge & Custom Discounts

Allow your clients to charge or edit any amount on the fly with or without a traditional card-swipe. They can even create unique customer discounts and tap-to-apply them at checkout.

Credit Card Capturing

Easily set up manual reoccurring payments with captured cards on file. Have your client’s customers call ahead and offer totally paperless and contactless transactions.

Cash Discounts

Instead of having an awkward conversation about paying surcharge fees, encourage your merchants to offer a Cash Discount to reward their cash-paying customers and cut down on processing costs.


Help merchants get paid faster, with set due dates, payment tracking, and in-email payment processing.

Custom Customer Database

Now your clients can build a complex customer database! See when, where, and what thier customers are buying. Teach them to use that data for remarking campaigns and help keep that revenue flowing.

Sales Reporting

Search for your client’s customer’s previous orders safely and securely. Get detailed reports like check average, top-sellers, and 7-day net sales. There’s no math required with Quantic Services. Our cart automatically updates with each new item and even has the capability to use any tax class.

What makes Quantic the best option for your service-based clients?

Paperless & Contactless

If you’re looking for a paperless and contactless way for your merchants to conduct their business. Our emailable invoices, receipts, card capturing and online processing help make conducting business at a distance safe, simple and effective.

Totally Browser-Based Platform

We’ve designed an integrated With Quantic Services your clients have the freedome to conduct business anywhere they have an internet connection. Accessible by any device, Quantic Services allows merchants to collect payments anywhere, anytime.

Customizable Service Catalog

Delight you merchants with the option to input and update their own service catalog. As their services refine, they can update it as many times as they want. No fees.

Quantic Services works Harder, so your Merchants don’t have too.

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