According to Joe Guszkowski of Restaurant Business Online, there a few trends redefining online delivery services during COVID-19. Three of which are particularly notable for Quantic users. 

Since shuttering dining rooms and quarantining customers, restaurants have had to rewrite their business plans basically from scratch. With Quantic’s strategic online delivery partnership with Senpex, our company adds new value to our already feature-packed software.

Senpex is a sophisticated delivery company serving big name brands like Target and Stanford. This partnership is the first time a white-label delivery service has integrated with our Quantic eCommerce platform!

Online Delivery Services

Online Delivery Service

As CPO Nikki Kaushik describes, “Our new partnership enables businesses to generate more sales through delivery orders while keeping overhead expense under control.”

Many restaurants have added online delivery services, according to Guszkowski’s report. “Nearly 42% did just that. As a result, 31% plan to continue to invest in the service, suggesting they think the demand will stick around.”

Now, if you are managing restaurants, the chances are that this includes you as well. 

Citing a consumer sentiment study, people prefer to order directly from a restaurant over Grub Hub, Uber Eats, Postmates, and Door Dash. 

Perhaps this has to do with existing brand loyalty, exuberant delivery fees, or minimum orders. Either way, that’s what makes this integration with Senpex that much more valuable.

Who benefits most from this partnership?

Well, as you know, Quantic has long been committed to providing our clients with easy-to-use products and state-of-the-art integrations. But truthfully, the real winner of this integration is restaurants. 

Why is Senpex the best Online Delivery Service option for Quantic users?

One of the benefits of our partnership over third-party platforms is that you can maintain delivery options under your current brand name! So, you can still capitalize by reducing overhead expenses without diluting your reputation and maintaining loyalty from small shop evangelists. Our clients will retain all the benefits of conventional services without any association to the controversies surrounding big-names like Uber. 

Further, since Senpex easily integrates with Quantic eCommerce, you also don’t learn new software saving you time on training. 

The final trend that Guszkowski points out is that total sales by delivery have increased as well. Meaning people are willing not only to pay for online delivery services but are also ordering more each order. Another benefit is that Senpex helps increase your deliveries’ speed using their sophisticated system of multiple drop-offs per run. Also, they offer Free Package Protection (up to $250) to help ensure the uptick in overall cargo value. 

In conclusion, customers understand that delivery is one part convenience and two parts protection these days. As restaurant owners continue to invest in delivery, Quantic is proud to announce this option to clients who qualify. 

If you want more information about this exclusive integration, click here to schedule a demo with our sales team!