Help your clients to easily see thier hourly & daily sales at a Glance. Show not only customer payment types, but also their net sales, cash and tips in seconds.

Apple Watch Integration & Dark Mode

Give you merchants convenient access to analytics at arm’s length.

Simple Sales Overviews

Allow instant access to the metrics that they need the most. See Average Sale by Service Area, Daily Guest Count, and more! All with your merchatns current POS login.

What make Quantic the leading innovator of POS Products?

Biometric Logins

With this feature your merchants can keep thier circle close and data safer. Now thier logins are encrypted with Face or Touch ID.

Haptic Feedback

Amaze merchants with how they can communicate with thier device with just a flick of the wrist. Update new sales data, without needing to refresh or restart your device. Just shake to repopulate data.

Everything they need, at a Glance

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