Help your merchants grow their business!

Quantic is an iOS and Android-based multi-channel POS solution. It goes far beyond just accepting orders to enhance sales & revenue. Quantic is also cost-effective, easy to use, and sets businesses on par with any other state-of-the-art competitor.

Reporting & Analytics

Help your merchants to stay smart about their business with Quantic’s Live Cloud reports. These insights gather data from every transaction, and sent daily reports right to thier inbox.”

Fast & Easy Checkout

Our on-screen checkout process makes transactions quick and easy. Now your clients can sell more with less clicks.


Offline mode enables your merchant to operate thier business even when the internet is down. We have integrations with EMV devices to ensure that every transaction is secure and protected until the lights turn back on. Take cash check-outs with the power-out.

Overview of Revenue

Give your merchants valuable insights into their revenue from more than one service area. Now thier takeout, dining and delivery sales generate not just revenue but valuable data.

Job Allocation

Now your merchants can assign multiple roles to a single employee and even different hourly rates. Now, it’s easier for them to run payroll with Job Allocation.

Measure Employee Performance

Dazzel your merchant with the promise of simple employee sales and productivity in just one click. Our reports help them to compare their employee’s sales versus overhead so they can reward top performers.
Everything you need is a tap away.
Ring up sales with every option at your fingertips.

We help merchants grow their business

What Makes Quantic the Best Solutions for your Clients?

Loyalty Program

We’ve designed an integrated loyalty program that help increases your merchants revenue by encouraging their customers to keep coming back for more rewards.


Quantic is priced right to help out even the little guys. Why settle with selling your merchant a platform above their price point? Quantic offers state-of-the-art features, at a price realistic with the needs of small businesses owners today.

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