Innovating During a Pandemic

Like many companies, Metispro has thrived since moving temporarily online in March. The restaurant reporting app, Quantic Analytics has been a huge win for our growing company.

Restaurant Reporting App Quantic Analytics

Analytics released into the AppStore on August 15, 2020. This new restaurant reporting app complements Quantic POS and provides insightful sales data to help businesses get back on their feet.

Made with love in Berwyn, PA

Above all, doing the right thing for our clients is more important than just making a profit. Our clients are struggling with the realities of doing business right now. That’s why Quantic Analytics is free for a limited time in response to the continued financial strain Coronavirus has on small businesses. The restaurant reporting application is currently available on iOS and watchOS via the App Store. You can even log in to Analytics using your existing Quantic credentials.

Making decisions based on Business Intelligence (BI)

With limited occupancy affecting restaurants throughout the US, it’s no wonder that data might hold the key to stabilizing your profits. Business Intelligence, according to CIO, “offers a way for people to examine data to make sound business decisions. “

In other words, having higher quality information makes for higher quality business decisions. Using Quantic Analytics, restaurants can see reports on Daily and Weekly Sales, as well as Sales by Service area and so much more. Understanding where your restaurant is most profitable is the first step, that where Analytics comes in. Use our tool to wisely re-invest limited resources back into your business easily.

Giving restauranteurs the power to make smarter decisions was a driving force behind the development of our restaurant reporting app. “We designed this application so that small businesses can power their operations with data-driven predictions and reporting,” said software developer Arnav Kaushik. “To be a small business you need insights to support yourself and stay profitable. Therefore, designing an improved tool for our customers is just one small way we’re trying to help.”

A test-run on beta-testing

In addition to creating a great product for our clients, they were hands-on with the product development process. For the first time in Metispro history, our team tapped a group of 15 beta-testers to help tailor our new product specifically to the needs of real clients.

One beta-tester, President of LeanFeast Eric LaRosa said, “Quantic Analytics is a great tool to keep on our iPhones as we progress in sales and opening more locations. The speed, UI, and data are a huge plus for our company. This is a must-have tool.”

We agree. Every current Quantic user has the option to access Quantic Analytics. It’s free to download for a limited time, all you need is an iPhone and your current Quantic login.

Data Within Arm’s Reach. Literally.

Similarly, Quantic Analytics is also a watchOS application. No matter where you are, you can access your insights. With simple and easy-to-read data, the watchOS app allows for the ultimate on-the-go experience. Apple Watch users can choose to log in via their iPhone or log in directly on their Apple watch.

Not Just a Restaurant Reporting App

Quantic Analytics is a robust yet simple tool. One key feature is a revolutionary reporting system called Glances. This feature enables the user to view different components of traditional sales summaries in a seamless user interface.

Equipped with full Dark Mode support, biometric login, haptic feedback, and shake-to-refresh, this application is as elegant as it is powerful.

Interested in Learning More?

For more details about this product and its features, please visit the official Quantic Analytics page. Or if you’re ready to download Quantic Analytics, follow the link below!

What new products would you like to see?

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