Even masked, Metispro has had a healthy growth year. Here’s a look back at the milestones and hard work that sustained our startup.

1. We helped our clients to capture online sales quickly using our eCommerce solution

As restaurants switched from dine-in to take out, Quantic eCommerce stepped up. Helping merchants switch to online ordering kept customers fed even with doors closed. 

Metispro Milestones
Quantic eCommerce Platform

Learn more about Quantic eCommerce 

2. Enabled a Scan & Pay option for safer Contactless Payments

Nothing is more stressful than swiping your credit card. Add in a pandemic, and processing payments shifts from a pain-point to potentially dangerous. Metispro created a simple Scan & Pay solution using a QR code on customer receipts. Just scan to pay. Mask still required, stress now optional.  

Metispro Milestones
New Scan & Pay Option

3. Built a data platform to allow clients a deeper look into their day-to-day performance for smarter decision making 

To help bring critical data to restaurant owners faster than ever before, we developed Quantic Analytics. Designed with our customers, this was our first product in our Beta Testers program. Once launched, we even offered it for free throughout the pandemic. 

Want to know your sales reports without logging in to the portal? Quantic Analytics delivers that data (and more) right to your Apple watch! 

Metispro Milestones
Quantic Analytics

Learn more about Quantic Analytics

4. Launched Quantic Services to support essential professional services providers 

Tapping into the professional and field service providers market was accomplished with Quantic Services. This browser-based software allows service providers to create invoices, save customer cards on file, and process quick charge payment anywhere a merchant has an internet connection. 

Learn more about Quantic Services

5. Developed a Hosted Payments Page for clients to accept payments directly on their existing websites 

Our HPP now allows merchants with existing websites to add a payment gateway to their website directly. Now customers can make online payments from the safety of their homes. 

6. Directly Integrated Quantic with Quickbooks

Now clients who use Quantic can push their purchase orders to QuickBooks. In addition, with the sales data from Quantic and Quickbooks’ payment management, our customers see more data while still spending less than they would with our competitors. You can quickly move invoices and customers from our system to QB.

7. Started a partnership with Senpex to offer on-demand delivery in more than 40 US cities 

Not only can you manage your delivery drivers using Quantic, we now offer the option to outsource delivery costs using Senpex. For clients with multiple stop deliveries, Senpex can save our client’s time and resources.

Learn more about our strategic partnership

8. Integrated with Digital Pour to help bars better monitor keg levels 

For our bar clients, our Digital Pour integration offers state of the art monitoring of keg levels. This integration saves time and adds value with alerts when to re-order inventory. 

9. Expanded Quantic coast-to-coast now with a presence in 32 states

Metispro Milestones
Quantic POS now in 32 states

Read more about our national product reach here.

It has been a challenging year. Thank you for the endless support and encouragement from our executive team, partners, clients, and investors! Metispro has now reached a new threshold for excellence. With improved customer response time, an increase in client onboarding capacity, and overall product stability tackling 2020 was just the beginning.

As we push forward, 2021 will have its obstacles. Even still, Metispro remains thankful for challenges. With new lessons and experiences under our belt, Metispro will have an even better story next year. Be sure to stay tuned to our blog to watch our growth!