Thanksgiving 2020 looks unprecedented, in more ways than one

Although many of us have canceled our long-trips to visit loved ones this year, Thanksgiving is still a time of reflection, reunion, and reheated leftovers. In my opinion, this year’s turkey day by take-out still doesn’t change the fact that 2020 was well … challenging. Borrowing the phrase from the ever-eloquent Jake Tapper, “it was a hot-mess, inside a dumpster fire, inside a trainwreck.” 

The one thing surprising to everyone here at MetisPro was that, to some degree, the stress of the outside world has allowed us to double-down on our products and processes. Gratitude has united our team, aided perhaps honestly by a dash of our stubborn perseverance. But mostly, by our desire to meet the needs of our clients, in a tumultuous time for small businesses nationwide. 

Looking back over my first six months at this start-up, I can only excitedly speculate that we have begun to enter the growth stage. I postulate this not only because we have increased our corporate partners and introduced new products and features. The serendipitous gravy on this realization is best illustrated by just how much our reach has grown. We’re proud to announce that our Quantic products have spread to 35 states or 80% of the entire United States! That’s all in thanks to you. 

— And this is where the gratitude part I warned you about comes in.

Let’s face the facts here. We would be lost without the contributions of our clients! Seriously. This year, unlike any other, has pushed Quantic users to think of new and innovative ways to customize their POS for their business. Not out of want, but out of sheer necessity. 

Take, for example, QR Codes and Contactless Payments two new features that stemmed directly out of client requests. Our list of customizations-turned-major-features goes on and on and on. These improvements have made our developer’s sleepless nights and endless video conferences well worth it.

Why was it worth it?

That’s because making the lives of restaurant and retail owners is why we are here. Your honest feedback motivates our team. Both the good and especially the bad. We did not reach 35 states on our own, our foundation is built on improving the client’s experience, and that word of mouth is what has lead to our growth this year. 

So when celebrating your Thanksgiving 2020, no matter if you’re working or where you are in the United States, take a break and thank yourselves for making it through this whirlwind year. And know that we are thanking you, our clients, for your contribution to our growth around our virtual table.

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