• Print any promotion or custom text at any of the receipts, customer copy, and merchant copy.
  • Option to prompt for print or email receipt.
  • Print Kitchen ticket in all black or headings in red color.
  • Food Label printing.

Dynamic Table Layout

  • Design table layout as you like on fly. Give visual effects to the layout to simulate your restaurant.
  • Send bus table or any custom commands needed to the designated printer.
  • Floating dining area that fits all rooms on one screen.
  • Arrange room types as needed e.g Main Dining area, Private Room, and the Bar.

Check Adjustments

  • Discount, Comp or Void with privileged access only.
  • Item or order level Discount and Comp/Void options.
  • Split checks up to 50 checks with 1 click.
  • Split check by position.

Payment Option

  • Balance check settlement using VOID or COMP options.
  • Additional payment methods as needed.
  • Multiple payments on a single check.
  • Custom Gift certification. Create your gift certificate and save gift card processing.

Gift Cards

  • Issue pre-defined or custom value gift cards.
  • Partnered with leading processing companies like Valutec