Take Out / Delivery

Track your client’s online performance in the form of revenue from Take-Out and Delivery orders. With a designed service areas to meet merchant needs, making the taking orders simpler. Enjoy easy controls and even add Minimum Delivery Amount.

Generate Discounts

With Quantic eCommerce, your clients can now generate discount codes for online orders and discount labels for in-store orders. Apply those discount codes to act as promo codes during the checkout process.

Order and Item-level Notes

Now merchants can offer some menu items with a particular set of customization options. If they have a food request that isn’t listed, add a note for the kitchen at the end of a guest order.

Online Ordering

Complete with a Centralized Dashboard and Menu allow merchants track sales from different revenue streams, be it brick or mortar or online store. Opening up this new sales channel will make gathering revenue from online orders easier than ever before!

Loyalty Program

Help your Merchants to reward customers that keep coming back with Loyalty Points! Easily have customers login to rack up points that are redeemable with in-store discounts at the time of purchase!

Text & Email Receipts

When the payment is complete, your client’s customers can receive an email or text message receipt. Sending receipts via text message will incur additional charges.

What Makes Us The Leading Innovator of POS Products?

Macronutrient Calculator

Customers can easily track their macros in their foods, and Quantic eCommerce makes the process of setting up macros at the item level very easy. You can even save time by inputting the macros while adding the menu.

Live Inventory management

With Quantic eCommerce, your clients can now track inventory in real-time, whether purchased in-store or online. Quickly find thousands of items by organizing them in categories. Update inventory count and recieve automatic stock alerts.

Help merchants collect new revenue with Quantic eCommerce.

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