Metispro releases new restaurant reporting app, Quantic Analytics

Innovating During a Pandemic Like many companies, Metispro has thrived since moving temporarily online in March. The restaurant reporting app, Quantic Analytics has been a huge win for our growing company. Analytics released into the AppStore on August 15, 2020. This new restaurant reporting app complements Quantic POS and provides insightful sales data to help [...]

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Contactless Payments will likely save American Small Business

Contactless payments are already supporting nearly 20% of transactions in Canada, South Korea, and the United Kingdom. As consumers keep their distance, contactless payments are expected to explode in the US. Above all, in a post-pandemic world, having contactless payment is not a matter of when. The technology is already here. Cash is Gross These [...]

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Digital Signage Solutions Helps Flatten the Curve

If communication's importance was questioned before the Coronavirus pandemic, there's no longer any doubt of its value. All essential businesses that remain open need to communicate both security and prevention measures to the community. Digital signage entices customers to shop in online stores instead. One of the best practices in the eCommerce space starts with [...]

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