Dr. David MartinMember of Advisory Board

Dr. Martin has served as the CEO and/or founder of five (5) profitable businesses including one that was publicly traded. He has also coordinated mergers and acquisitions and consulted with professional sports, academic and Fortune 500 companies nationally and internationally. His current interests are to research and invest in early stage medical technology companies. Author and co-author of over one hundred articles, abstracts, presentations and book chapters on the biochemical basis and management of psychiatric and substance abuse disorders, Dr. Martin was a Neurochemist, Technical Specialist and Research Associate at Yale University School of Medicine and currently serving board of advisors for Metispro Corp.

Kenneth Kury Member of Advisory Board
Assistant Professor at Saint Joseph’s University

Dr. Kenneth Wm. Kury Ph.D., CPA is an Assistant Professor of Family Business and Entrepreneurship at Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia where he teaches entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship. He received a Ph.D. and M.S. from Boston College and an MBA from the University of Texas – Brownsville. His research is in the areas of social entrepreneurship, social change and critical accounting and has appeared in Accounting Forum, Strategic Management Review, International Journal of Entrepreneurial Venturing, and other academic journals. He has made numerous presentations at academic conferences and to professional organizations. Dr. Kury comes to academia after more than 20 years of accounting, management, and entrepreneurial experience. He serves on the advisory boards of M E T I S P R O, the Entrepreneur Forum of Greater Philadelphia, Saint Joseph’s University’s Faith-Justice Institute and Saint Joseph’s University Career Development Center.