Vigyan Kaushik Founder & Chief Executive Officer

For the past seventeen years, Vigyan has been a professional and entrepreneur with a passion for information technology. In the last five years, Vigyan has diversified into food service, opening and operating award-winning restaurants. Drawing on his expertise in the IT field, he has sought to implement technologies in his restaurants that would streamline customer service and increase profitability. He began working to develop Metispro, a software platform in order for restaurants and similar food-service businesses to allow their users to transcend the point of sale system and provide their customers with the experience they choose. Vigyan is driven by his interest in forward-thinking technologies and in his belief that the success or failure of a company will depend on its ability to implement software-based technology to enhance the experience of its customers.

Nikki Kaushik Co – Founder & Chief Product Officer

In addition to working with the Metispro team, Nikki is also a Restaurateur. Over the last five years her awareness of the need for more features and efficiency within POS systems used by her staff led to the development of Metispro. As an early adopter of Metispro and beta tester, she helped refine and helped to evolve our systems. Nikki has an IT Background which helps to understand the backbone of the software as well and helps in understanding what is needed to develop our ideas. Through her real-time restaurant experience and implementation our team can convert those ideas/features in reality. She has passion for high quality software and the technology that supports it.

Gihan Naddschar Chief Financial Officer

Gihan is a Wall Street veteran with a career spanning over 23 years where he was working for the most renowned investment banks and financial institutions in the world in Frankfurt, London and New York, such as JP Morgan, Lehman Brothers and Merrill Lynch. He has a particularly deep understanding of the financial markets and his extensive experience is a great asset to the company. Gihan’s appointment to METISPRO’s management team is instrumental in executing the mission of developing and distributing this highly sophisticated POS system and serving the customer’s needs at the highest level.