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Metispro is designed for perfection. Everything an owner could want is available at their fingertips, thanks to the multitude of features and solutions that are accessible. At Metispro, we feel the need to help restaurants and retail stores reach their fullest potential by providing a system they can rely on.

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If you ever need help, we’ve got you covered. Just send our support team a text anytime, any day, and we’ll help you with any issues.

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At Metispro, we like to be fast. So we created a system that performs as fast as possible. You won’t be let down with the quality and performance of our system.


In a world of online data, privacy is extremely important. That’s why we work with industry professionals to ensure your data is untouched by anyone except for you.


Our top of the line security ensures your data never leaves our servers unnoticed. We use industry standards along with end-to-end encryption to make sure your data is secure.

Seasoned Team

Our team was hand-picked to ensure that Metispro is the preeminent software team. It’s our goal to to provide the best experience for you and your business.

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We’re here to help you. That’s why we give free updates to see to it that your business grows.

Leadership Team

Vigyan Kaushik

Vigyan Kaushik

Vigyan has been a professional and entrepreneur with a passion for information technology. In the last five years, Vigyan has diversified into food service, opening and operating award-winning restaurants. Drawing on his expertise in the IT field, he has sought to implement technologies in his restaurants that would streamline customer service and increase profitability. He began working to develop Metispro, a software platform in order for restaurants and similar food-service businesses to allow their users to transcend the point of sale system and provide their customers with the experience they choose. Vigyan is driven by his interest in forward-thinking technologies and in his belief that the success or failure of a company will depend on its ability to implement software-based technology to enhance the experience of its customers.

Nikki Kaushik

Co – Founder & Chief Product Officer​
Nikki co-founded Metispro in 2015, and helped in product development along with managing operations. She began her career as an IT consultant and then moved on to be a restauranteur to diversify her experiences in a different vertical. During that time, she saw the need of a POS that supplied all the necessary features as one consolidated product, hence the idea of Metispro. Vigyan and Nikki worked together to make a product that could help other businesses, be it retail or restaurant. Her philosophy is that better and easier tools should be easily accessible to run businesses effectively and increase profits. Currently, Nikki is managing the product development to help all current and future clients.
Gihan Naddschar

Gihan Naddschar

Chief Financial Officer
Gihan is a Wall Street veteran with a career spanning over 23 years  where he was working for the most renowned investment banks and financial institutions in the world in Frankfurt, London and New York, such as JP Morgan, Lehman Brothers and Merrill Lynch. He has a particularly deep understanding of the financial markets and his extensive experience is a great asset to the company. Gihan’s appointment to METISPRO’s management team is instrumental in executing the mission of developing and distributing this highly sophisticated POS system and serving the customer’s needs at the highest level.

Dr. David Martin

Board Member and Corporate Secretary
Dr. Martin has served as the CEO and/or founder of five (5) profitable businesses including one that was publicly traded. He has also coordinated mergers and acquisitions and consulted with professional sports, academic and Fortune 500 companies nationally and internationally. His current interests are to research and invest in early stage medical technology companies. Author and co-author of over one hundred articles, abstracts, presentations and book chapters on the biochemical basis and management of psychiatric and substance abuse disorders, Dr. Martin was a Neurochemist, Technical Specialist and Research Associate at Yale University School of Medicine and currently serving board of advisors for Metispro Corp.
Dr. Kenneth Kury

Dr. Kenneth Kury

Member of Advisory Board
Dr. Kenneth Wm. Kury Ph.D., CPA is an Assistant Professor of Family Business and Entrepreneurship at Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia where he teaches entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship. His research is in the areas of social entrepreneurship, social change and critical accounting and has appeared in Accounting Forum, Strategic Management Review, International Journal of Entrepreneurial Venturing, and other academic journals. He serves on the advisory boards of M E T I S P R O, the Entrepreneur Forum of Greater Philadelphia, Saint Joseph’s University’s Faith-Justice Institute and Saint Joseph’s University Career Development Center.
Tom Whitman

Tom Whitman

Director of Marketing
Thomas Whitman brings over 30 years of experience in marketing successful businesses. He has been behind the success of wide variety of bakeries and restaurants throughout the South Jersey region. Tom holds an MBA in marketing from Monmouth University, New Jersey, and is a practicing Ironman triathlete. Tom envisions amazing growth for the company, and he is greatly excited to work with the talented team that has been assembled!
For the past 17 years, Vigyan has been an IT professional and entrepreneur with a passion for innovative technologies. In the last five years, Vigyan, also known as V, has diversified into the food industry, opening and operating award-winning restaurants. Drawing on his expertise in the IT field, he began working to develop Metispro in order to allow businesses of all sorts to utilize an intuitive but sophisticated point of sales system that can consolidate all of the needs of our customers. Vigyan is driven by his interest in forward-thinking technologies and in his belief that the success or failure of a company will depend on its ability to implement software-based technology to enhance the experience of its customers.
Aakriti Nehra

Aakriti Nehra

Quality Assurance Manager
Aakriti’s perseverance and dedication allows her to help produce efficient and reliable software. Her ability to manage a team and employ strategies to ensure top notch quality in our products helps bring them to life. Aakriti is passionate about bringing quality and efficiency to our products, thus making her a vital part of our engineering team.
James Rios

James Rios

Sales Director
James has over 20 years of customer service and relationship building, making him an important part of our sales team. His ability to exceed sales goals, recruit, develop store relations and manage teams allows him to successfully sell our products and provide customers the service they expect, if not exceed those expectations.
Nashara Yarbray

Nashara Yarbray

Customer Support Manager
Nashara is innovative, strategic, and creative, allowing her to be one of the best in customer support. She has extensive leadership experience, along with experience in sales, direct performance management, change management, and process optimization. Her strengths help ensure our customers receive the best, top of the line customer service.

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